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Greek Breads with Green Onion

The recipe for these stuffed Greek breads comes from Mamushka. The bread is so substantial, it will hold you over for hours, and really doesn’t need to be served with anything else. This would be an ideal meal to take on the road. The dough is tender, the filling savory, and not like any other stuffed  bread I’ve ever had.

I mixed up the green onions, feta cheese and chopped mixed herbs (I used cilantro, dill and parsley). I rolled the dough out thinly, drizzled with olive oil, and spooned on some filling.

I folded the dough, and sealed the edges.


I shallow-fried them in olive oil (about 4 minutes on each side).


I served these yummy fried breads with Azerbaijani Rice and Fruity Lamb (also from Mamushka).


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