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Sueño de fruta

If you love fruit, and you haven’t read Jeffrey Steingarten’s section on ripe fruit in The Man Who Ate Everything, that should be next on your list. After picking fresh raspberries at a friend’s house, scavenging for wild black raspberries at my house, going to Healthy Living’s Fresh Off the Truck Sale, and into Trader Joe’s for the first time, I found myself with an abundance of fresh fruit that was just begging to be eaten. Sueño de fruta means “fruit dream,” which is what I put together late this afternoon.

Here’s what was on the plate:

  • a perfectly ripe peach
  • 3 sweet black mission figs
  • a handful of local red gooseberries
  • raspberries from D’s house
  • wild blackraspberries from my house
  • a mango on the verge of being way too delicious for its own good
  • fresh coconut meat

I’m too happy to write anything else. 🙂

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