Breakfast Week

Last week’s cookbook of the week was William-Sonoma’s Breakfast. We had a bit of a funky schedule for the week, and then we had a power outage that derailed our plans even further. We made less from the book than we planned, but here’s what we tried:

The post image is of a lovely clafoutis – my favorite dish from the week. The recipe in the book was for Prune & Armagnac Clafoutis (pg. 104) but we aren’t fans of prunes and didn’t have armagnac, so I made an apricot and amaretto clafoutis. It was delicate, buttery, and completely indulgent.

I also made a yummy hash inspired by the Red Flannel Hash (pg. 62). I love beets, but he’s not a fan, so I made the recipe without. I should have crisped the salt pork a little more – it had a texture I wasn’t fond of, but other than that, it was delicious.

I also made a delicious Broccoli Rabe, Pesto and Smoked Mozzarella Strata (pg. 103). We used a nice hearty multi-grain bread for the base, and used non-smoked mozzarella because that’s what we had. It was pretty good, but the rabe was distractingly bitter. I would have been more happy had it been made with kale.

A late addition to Breakfast Week (due to the power outage) were our yummy pumpkin waffles. They were inspired by the recipe on pg. 29, but we had to go sans-pecans and without the compound (maple-cranberry) butter that was on the page. My husband really enjoyed them, but the pumpkin puree in the batter gave the waffles a slightly strange consistency. I’m sure we’ll be making these again (since he loves waffles so much), but I’ll have to plan out some recipe changes before-hand.

And finally, a little non-cookbook bonus. One of my favorite breakfasts – thick plain Greek yogurt, maple syrup, fresh grapes and blueberries, and nutty granola. I’d eat that any day.

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