Weekend Breakfast: Baked Eggs & Fresh Fruit

When I first came back from studying in Spain, I made a lot of baked eggs – I would start with a tomato sauce laced with sweet smoked paprika and smoked dried onions, then crack an egg right into the center. It gets baked until the whites are set – ideally, the yolk breaks when you dip into it with some crusty bread.

Today’s tomato base had a touch of dried rosemary, some sea salt, and cracked black pepper. I sprinkled the sauce with some shredded parmesan cheese, then cracked in two eggs. I served it up with some nutty buttered toast, made with Multi-Grain Bread by La Panciata (based out of Northfield. VT).

With my eggs, I also enjoyed some fresh organic blueberries (which I picked with my neices at Willow Hill Farm) and some fresh husk cherries from our garden. If you’ve never tried husk cherries before, you’re missing out! They’re delicious.

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