Great Food Fast Week

My husband and I have been doing something new for dinners lately – we start the week by randomly selecting a cookbook from our collection, marking the recipes we’d like to try, then randomly selecting the week’s dinners from those.

Two weeks ago was Salad Week – last week, our dinners were based off of Great Food Fast from Martha Stewart Living.


I was in Portsmouth with my mom, but before I left, I made Cashew Chicken (from pg. 40)  for my husband to have for dinner. The only change I made was to add a package of frozen edamame to the stir fry. I found the a little bit sweet for my taste, but I think the sauce could be reworked to be more savory in the future.


My mom and I got dinner on the way home, so nothing to post for Tuesday.


Wednesday’s meal started with a trip to the garden. I picked the first round of tender green beans, some small kale, a gypsy pepper, and various fresh herbs. I was about to leave the garden when I spotted a striped zucchini – I didn’t even see it growing before I left on Monday, so this was definitely a surprise to find.

For dinner, I made Lamb Chops with Mint-Pepper Sauce (from pg. 57). To serve alongside, I sauteed the fresh beans with garlic and ribbons of kale, and topped them with torn bits of bacon. I grilled the zucchini and pepper with some Italian long red peppers from the store, and I made a quick-marinated salad of mozzarella and grape tomatoes.

This dinner was AMAZING. Definitely my favorite of the week so far, and probably something we will compare future meals to for a while. We’ll have to make this again soon…


Thursday’s dinner consisted of Buttermilk Baked Chicken and Carrot-Cumin Slaw (both from pg. 35). I didin’t have any buttermilk in the fridge, so I made my own after checking this out. Also, I didn’t have any fresh hot peppers, so I added some hot sauce to the slaw instead.

Both items were tasty, but expected a little more heat from both since they both had hot sauce. I’d double the amount in each next time.


Friday’s dinner was Barbecued Chicken made with homemade sauce (from pg. 112), Jicama Slaw (from pg. 171, and Grilled Sweet Potatoes (also from pg. 171). It was tasty, but nothing compared to Wednesday’s lamb. =)

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