Salad Week

For something a little different, we picked a cookbook from the shelf and chose a number of recipes to have for dinners this week. We based our weekend grocery trip off of those recipes, and altered a few things to fit what we already have in the fridge and in our garden.

This week, all of our dinners were based off of recipes from Williams-Sonoma’s SALAD cookbook.


Sunday’s dinner was based off of the recipe for Slender Green Beans in Pesto, found on pg. 49 of the cookbook. Of course, our green beans were not ready yet, so we went with snap peas instead. Also, I sauteed the peas in a little olive oil and garlic (instead of steaming them). I served then with one of our go-to easy main dishes, fishcakes. These were made with tilapia, a local egg, and fresh herbs from our garden.


This dinner actually (also pictured at the top of the post) comes from two different recipes — Tomato and Bread Salad with Deep-Fried Chicken Bites (from page 46) and Warm Potato Salad with Balsamic Vinegar (from page 65). The only change I made to the tomato salad was to grill the chicken instead of frying it – I first marinated it in yogurt, onions, garlic, and spices. The potato salad comes from the “Autumn” section of the cookbook, so the flavors were a little too “cold weather” for my taste right now. I stuck with the same flavor profiles for the most part, but used sherry vinegar instead of balsamic (simply because we did not have balsamic). I also cut the potatoes into bites instead of slices, and served it cold.


Dinner on Tuesday came from page 38 in the book – Spring Lettuces with Broiled Goat Cheese. We used red/green lettuce from our garden, added some snap peas, and some leftover chicken from Monday’s dinner.


We went out for dinner tonight, and it was not for salad. =)


We got side-tracked by a stray dog in the yard today, and had leftovers.


Friday’s delicious dinner was Thai-Style Grilled Beef Salad (from page 53). I followed the directions, but used half the dressing to marinate the beef before I grilled it. Also, I added snap peas to both and a small cucumber to mine. This one was, by far, was the best dinner of the week!

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