Lunch with Dani

A few weeks ago, our good friend Dani visited us for lunch. After a tour of our house, we went out to the garden and picked some green goodies.

We picked baby lettuce, greens for braising (swiss chard, baby kale, komatsuma, and happy rich greens), and lots of herbs (parsley, cilantro, oregano, basil, and purple basil).

As usual, we made salads to enjoy first.

Then we finished off the foil packets with assorted fresh herbs, salt and pepper. Before Dani got there, I had laid out 3 packets with trout fillets, sliced onions, sliced tomatoes in 2 out of 3 packets, split garlic scapes, olive oil, and lemon juice. After adding the herbs and seasonings, we closed up the packets and let them bake away.

While the fish was going, we made a cold salad of sweet corn and chickpeas with a bright lemony herb vinaigrette and braised the greens with sliced garlic scapes.

When the fish was ready, we sat down to a delicious lunch. Every part of the meal was bursting with flavor, but overall, it was still pretty light – I think my mom would call it “spa food.”

When Dani came to see us that day, she also brought us a delicious cake. She had made the wedding cake (and groom’s cake!) for our wedding last year, and brought us a fresh new cake for our first anniversary.

The cake tasted EXACTLY like our wedding cake – so much that it was uncanny. It brought us right back to our wedding week on the lake last year — lemon and almond cake with fresh strawberry filling and sweet vanilla buttercream — oh-so-good and quite literally addictive. It was absolutely moreish.

So yummy. A big thank-you to Dani for the lovely cake and for spending her day with us. =)

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