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grilled warm potato salad

It is by far my favorite time of year, as far as cooking goes – yes, I love apple season and I love holiday baking, but grilling season is the best. I love the fact that I can take something as basic as a potato (which is, by the way , an awesome ingredient) and make it into something interesting and special by adding a little flavor and some flame.

Here’s what I do:

Step 1 – Cooking is tough if you are hungry. I almost always start by making a green salad to nosh on while I’m cooking the rest of dinner. Make a salad with whatever you have – just keep it simple.

Step 2 – Par-cook your potatoes, by either boiling them or microwave “baking” them. Then slice them in half, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then grill until they have a little char. Then pull them off and let them cool.

Step 3 – While the potatoes are cooking, make your dressing (I went with a simple homemade lemon-olive oil- herb-garlic dressing on this one, but you could use a store-bought dressing of almost any type here, as long as its oil-vinegar based).

Step 4 – Then prep the rest of your ingredients. For this dinner, I went with 16 frozen shrimp and a bunch of local ramps, but you could change it up. Thaw and peel the shrimp, then skewer them – 4 to a stick. Pour half of the dressing over the shrimp and ramps, then turn your focus back to the potatoes.

Step 5 – Roughly chop the potatoes into bite-sized pieces and toss with the remaining dressing.

Step 6 – Now grill the shrimp and ramps. It will only take a few minutes, so don’t go too far!

Step 7 – Toss the potatoes in the dressing again and serve it all up. The potatoes are best eaten warm, so be ready to eat!

You could modify this method by serving all of the grilled items over the green salad, instead of serving them separately. Either way you go – Yum!


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