My version of the Bahn Mi Sandwich

On Sunday, when we were brainstorming for our weekly menu (as we do every weekend), this thought popped into my head – my husbrand and I are always complaining about the selection of restaurant food and food truck food available in our area, and we really got into Tyler Florence’s “Great Food Truck Race” when it first came on – I keep thinking about these Bahn Mi sandwiches. Like, no joke, I’ve been thinking about these sandwiches for years. And why haven’t I made them yet? I have no good answer for that. So, as I was driving and my husbrand was writing the shopping list, I started naming off all of the things that I would need to make a Bahn Mi type sandwich – and the worst part of this whole situation is that I already had over half of the ingredients necessary to make it – I mean, really, I had no excuse not to make them.

The traditional Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich is made with a crusty roll, has a pork filling of some type and has crispy vegetables (usually cucumbers and pickled carrots) and cilantro. As usual, I didn’t make it exactly as I’ve seen it, but it looked (and tasted) pretty darn good in the end.

Here’s what I did –

For the veggies, I made quick-pickled red onion and carrot in rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and ginger paste, cilantro and five spice.

I made the patties with ground pork, ginger and garlic paste, soy sauce, five spice and cilantro. I grilled the patties along with some whole scallions (LOVE those grilled…)

While I was grilling the patties and scallions, I made a salad with some of the quick-pickled veggies, feta, and peanut dressing over green leaf lettuce (our favorite lettuce right now).

Here are the finished patties –

I warmed the rolls on the grill, then I put it all together to make these tasty little savory sandwiches. Soooo delicious, and so worth doing again. Soon.

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