2011 Recap: July

This post about Double Cheddar Meatballs was a favorite among my friends – and my husband and I, of course! I mixed it up by using cheddar pretzel crumbs instead of breadcrumbs, and shredded cheddar instead of the standard parm. I used our pasta maker to roll out fresh homemade pasta, and finished it by tossing all with a light vodka sauce.

Of course, July was a big month for us: we picked out a house and we got married! Here are some photos from our wedding week –

Our delicious wedding cake (and groom’s cake) pictured here were made by my good friend Dani – see her blog here, and her post about our cakes here. (Photo credit: Margaret Michael Photography)

Dani also made the cake for my bridal shower (photo credit: Dani S.):

During the week, we did lots of fishing on Lake Champlain:

…And we took a trip up to Fromagerie Fritz-Kaiser in Noyan, Quebec for some Raclette Forte (my favorite of the two!) and some Duanier (the 2nd cheese with the ash in the middle). On the way there, we stopped at a winery – Vignoble Morou and picked up a bottle of white wine.

All in all, we had a great relaxing week, with friends and family, by the water.

(photo credit: Margaret Michael Photography)


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