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CSA – Week 2

Here’s what we got for our second CSA pick-up: a big bag of redskin potatoes, a celery root, beets, red and yellow onions, garlic, 6 (woah!) little acorn squashes, leeks, scallions, kale, swiss chard, arugula, baby greens, brussells sprouts, and a loaf of zucchini yeast bread. I gotta say – we are LOVING the goods from Maplewood Organics!

On the first night of the CSA, we cook the most delicate veggies and then plan our following week’s menu based on what we have left.

First, I crisped up the leeks with some minced garlic…

Some of the leeks went onto the salad, along with some of the baby greens (including baby kale!), marinated artichoke hearts, feta, herbs de Provence sea salt, and marinated olives. They added a crispy salty bite, kind of like a crouton.

The rest of them got topped with kale, sauteed a bit more, then tossed with vodka sauce and two kinds of angel hair pasta (garlic and spinach).

Here’s the finished product, topped with toasted pine nuts and three grated Italian cheeses:

The arugula went into this salad, along with feta and tomatoes:

Some of the red taters got mashed with garlic to go with some roasted chicken and Romanian green beans.

And the last of the taters from the first week (oops – they missed the first post!) got oven-roasted and thrown into this Greek-style lamb patties dinner alongside creamy yogurt sauce and avocado.

We also enjoyed some of the yummy squash, but alas, no pictures…


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