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AWESOME ingredient : torpedo onions

Torpedo onions are a type of heirloom Italian red onion. I first found them over the summer at Healthy Living, and just could not WAIT to grill them. My husband loves red onions – raw (unlike Scott Conant), caramelized, roasted, or grilled. I’ve made many an onion-y dish over our years together.

Here they are, roasting alongside some halved fennel bulbs-

Here they are post-grill, with the same fennel – both were seasoned with salt and pepper before grilling.

Here they are with the rest of our meal – grilled sirloin tips, lightly sauteed sweet corn from Pete’s, and potatoes roasted with olives (inspired by this post on one of my favorite blogs – I’m Mad and I Eat). I was proud to put out this meal – everything was yummy – there was sweet, salty, crunchy, and tender. Soooo good…

Also awesome – you can buy seeds online now and grow your own! I just might do that myself…

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