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fried green tomatoes

I’ve always loved tomatoes. In fact, I love tomatoes so much that I could probably survive on tomato dishes alone. Tomatoes are by far my most favorite part of summer, which is why it is so shocking that this summer was the first time I ever made fried green tomatoes. The idea came about when my parents got green tomatoes from their Pete’s Greens CSA – there was some concern about a blight so some tomatoes were picked early.

I usually despise even the idea of a blight, but man, did this work out for me! I dredged the slices (look at those beauties below!!) in flour, dragged them through a bit of beaten egg, and then coated them in crunchy bits of cornmeal. A short bath in olive oil, a sprinkle of sea salt, and they were ready to become the star of a sandwich.

Each bite was a tantalizing combination of crispy cornmeal and hot, juicy tomato. So, so good, and so worth the long wait. Wow, was I thankful for that threat of blight.

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