Restaurant Visit/Review,  Vermont

The Farmhouse

About a week ago, a good friend and I had lunch at The Farmhouse in downtown Burlington. We started with the artisanal cheese plate (or… board?) – we had the Von Trapp Farmstead Oma (we were intrigued because this means “grandma” in German) and the VT Shepherd Queso del Invierno (this means “winter cheese” in Spanish, so yet again, we were intrigued). The Oma appeared to be a washed-rind cheese, which I tend not to like, but this wasn’t too strong – it was super-creamy and had just the right about of tang. The Queso del Invierno was super-nutty and delicious – it reminded me of Mountain Tomme, a cheese long-ago-made by Willow Hill Farm and much-missed by me. The cheese came with apple butter, candied walnuts, and buttery thin toast.

Both my friend and I chose the special called “Jed’s Big Bowl” – it’s a huge bowl of soup alongside a lightly dressed salad and toasted Red Hen bread. She got the special carrot soup and I got the tomato-fennel soup with creme fraiche. My soup was delicious, but we were sitting on the patio and the weather couldn’t seem to decide if it was going to be hot or cold, so the soup ended up being a little too hearty… but only when the sun came out. =)

Oh, and I almost forgot – in the background you can see my hard cider. Samuel Smith’s Organic. It was crisp and refreshing. Mmm…


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