Super Nutty Salad

Come on, now that is a plate of pretty. This little dish was inspired by Kevin of Closet Cooking‘s recent farro salad post. Farro, I did not have, but there was a mysterious little ziplock baggie in the back of the fridge containing some little grains (wheatberries, maybe? I know they came from the Pete’s Greens Localvore share a while back…), so I decided to take the plunge with those. I cooked them like I’ve been cooking barley lately – in the rice cooker! They come out all separate and not in the least stuck-together.

To the “wheat berries” I added sauteed asparagus, toasted walnuts, and tiny pillowy bites of fresh mozzarella. I dressed the whole thing with a little lemon juice and salt, and I must called it “super-nutty” because I had to use peanut oil for the saute-ing, not olive oil.

Oh, and there was parsley (also from Pete’s).

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