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Greener-than-Grass Summer Juice

Today, after surveying the contents of our refrigerator and contemplating upcoming cooking projects, I was struck by the amount of unused vegetables that were hanging out in the crisper drawers. With all of the red meat we’ve been eating lately – ranch burgers, steak, and meatballs – I’ve been feeling the need for a veggie cleanse coming on. My roomie Natalia and I used to talk about veggie cleanses alot when we lived in Madrid together and the sheer amount of pork everywhere got to be overwhelming.

Usually, the need for this veggie cleanse would be met with a big bowl of borscht or a light saute of greens, but it is over 90 degrees here today, so I needed something on the opposite end of the temperature spectrum. I gathered together some veggies and fruit and blended it together.

Here you can see the produce from the bottom up: two ribs of celery, two big handfuls of kale, one big handful of spinach, a green apple, and a large carrot.

I topped it all off with sparkling lime water (a little at a time until the consistency is right) and blended away. When everything was sufficiently pulverized, I put everything through a sieve, and poured myself a nice tall glass over ice. It was incredibly refreshing, and had just enough apple and carrot to combat the bite from the kale.

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  • nat

    Haha yes indeed I do recall needing all those cleanses after the amount of drinking and eating we did those two weeks! So absurd. But that drink does look absolutely yummy I must say!

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