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arepa for breakfast & watermelon agua fresca

Today’s breakfast was a homemade arepa (make with Maseca corn flour and water, think of a small, fat tortilla) with a fried egg, a few bites of chorizo, and a few dribbles of homemade salsa. It was incredibly delicious without being heavy (I credit the salsa for elevating the freshness-factor).

This would have gone perfectly with a drink I made the other day: agua fresca. Agua fresca (meaning “fresh water”) is a typical Latin American (non-alcoholic) drink that is made by pureeing fruit with cold water, adding a bit of sour (I used key lime) and a bit of sweet (I used honey), and passing it all through a sieve. It’s served over ice and it a super-refreshing summer drink. This time, my agua fresca was made with watermelon, but I’ve made another typical one before: horchata (I made mine with ground rice and cinnamon). Two years ago today: Indian-spiced chicken pitas

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