Restaurant Visit/Review,  Vermont

The Firebird Cafe

I’ve been to The Firebird Cafe a few times – most recently last Saturday. They have a great selection of breakfast fare, paninis & wraps, salads, and daily specials. The prices are very reasonable and the food (and coffee!) is always good. I usually get the C.A.B. – a panini filled with juicy chicken, creamy avocado, bacon & garlic mayo — it’s the perfect size for lunch and it’s always delicious. If you’re looking for breakfast food, they always have a special burrito or omelette. On Saturday, I stepped out of my C.A.B. box and ordered the special omelette – a pesto and mozzarella omelette with fresh tomato salsa. It came with homefries and was especially satisfying. Just what I needed after a long workweek…

Here’s my omelette (my mom’s choice, “The Traditional,” is in the background):

…and now the homefries join the party!

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