Restaurant Visit/Review,  Vermont

Naru Asian Cuisine

Yesterday, my fiance and I made our first trip to Naru Asian Cuisine in Williston. Before we went, we read a few reviews online, just to get an idea of what to order.

The dining room is pretty small, and seems a bit more like a tiki bar than a restaurant, but I’ve learned not to judge a restaurant only by what you see when you walk in.

The menu has lots of pictures, which are especially helpful when you can’t read the Korean names. For appetizers, we ordered the shumai (steamed shrimp dumplings) and the scallion pancake, of which we had read great things.

After you order, they bring you three small sample appetizers – we got broccoli with a sesame type marinade, spicy kimchi, and pickled daikon (I think). The kimchi was my favorite.

The shumai came out in a cute little steamer — it was tasty but super hot.

The scallion pancake was bigger than expected, and in my fiance’s words, was “amazing.” I could only respond with the word “mmm.”

I ordered the hot stone bowl bibimbop as my meal. It’s made of seasoned beef, a variety of veggies, and a sunnyside-up egg — all over rice. It comes with a spicy and yummy sauce. The whole dish was pretty delicious overall…… except for the mushrooms. I had read Alice Levitt’s post about them, so I waited until I was almost full before trying them. We should ask for the dish without the mushrooms.

My fiance ordered the orange (or was it lemon?) sesame chicken. Or was it General Tso’s chicken? I can’t remember. I didn’t eat it… But I heard it was good. And it looks great!

Overall, the experience was good. I’d repeat it — just without the mushrooms. Even if you think you like mushrooms (like me), you might not like these. Just take my word for it…

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