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I know… I haven’t blogged in a long time. It’s been (yikes!) over a month. I’ve been making/eating good food in the meantime but haven’t had time to write so much as a paragraph about what I’ve been cooking. In fact, I’ve barely had time to enjoy a meal sitting down. I’ve started a new job, and technically am working three jobs right now. One will end this week just in time for another to start. Luckily I’m good at time-management and am great at multi-tasking. Yay for being type-A!

Anyway, these are some tasty apps that I whipped up for a dinner party last night. I carved out some squarish pieces of puff pastry, carved out a smaller square (halfway through the dough) to make a raised edge, pressed in some feta cheese, added a tomato slice (1 slice of San Marzano plum tomato or a quarter slice of a larger tomato), and drizzled with herby oil (1 cup extra virgin olive oil and mixed garden herbs, along with some salt and pepper — whipped into happiness with an immersion blender). Just a few minutes in the oven and we were ready for the party!

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