Tasty bites on T-Day

It seems like every Thanksgiving now, I spend the whole day cooking, standing on my feet, slaving over the stove or chopping things, and I’m sick of it!!!! This year, I had a new plan… On Wednesday, my mom and I spent a few hours chopping and prepping everything, baking the pies, and even canning a few xmas gifts. All that was left to do on T-day was roast the turkey, make the mashed taters, the braised greens, and throw everything else in the oven. Almost no time spent prepping on the big day!

What was on the menu?

– Willow Hill cheeseplate with Red Hen bread
– Feta and roasted garlic spread & crudites
– Maple and sage roasted turkey
– Potato, celeriac, and roasted garlic puree
– Roasted butternut, delicata, and red kuri squashes
– Apple, cranberry, and mushroom stuffing
– Roasted roots (carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, onions, and celeriac)
– Braised kale and swiss chard
– Turkey gravy
– Nana’s biscuits (a family tradition)
– Spoonbread (brought by my great aunt)
– Cranberry and orange relish (also a family tradition, made by my grandma)
– Apple pie, made with Rhode Island Greening apples
– Pecan Squash pie (maybe a new tradition?) — See recipe here.

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