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Cosmen & Keiless

If you live in Madrid, it’s possible that you have already discovered the most fantastic bakery in the city. But if not, here it is.

Cosmen & Keiless is a bakery and pastry shop situated in the Plaza de las Salesas. There, it’s considered taboo to even mention frozen bread (a very common occurance in the city). They carry exclusively naturally leavened (aka sourdough) and freshly baked breads and a lovely selection of other tasty bites. They have a mixture of Spanish and American foods. This reflects perfectly the family of owner Kay Hespen. She (who is American) and her Spanish husband José Suárez are the creators of the delicatessens known as Hespen y Suarez and this store is their latest venture.

They have a delicious selection of breads (including Madrid’s classic baguette-style loaf named “pistola” for only 1,20€ and also the “miche” that goes for only 0,42€ per 100 grams). They also have a myriad of sweets — sweet rolls, cakes, cupcakes, brownies and cookies (which some people call “cookie-bars”). In addition, they sell the best American-style bagels that exist in Madrid.

If you’d like to visit the store, you can arrive from any of the following metro stations — Chueca, Tribunal, Alonso Martinez, or Colon. Click here to see a map.

If you have yet to find this jewel of Madrid, there is no other option for you… You have to go to the nearest metro station… =)

Info tidbit : When I was studying in Madrid, I did an internship with the company that opened this bakery — World Wide Food.

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