my newest queso-venture…

So it’s official — I’ve got a wheel of cheese aging away in a cave! For those of you who know me, you know I’ve worked with a cheesemaker for years, but until recently, I never thought of bringing the “make” process into my own kitchen. I did some research online first, and decided I’d like to make a washed-curd cheese. I first thought I’d head the gouda route, but it’s a brined cheese, and for a first at-home attempt, I thought I’d rather go with a salt-in-the-vat recipe. So I went more toward a colby-style wheel, made it with mixed milk (sheep & cow), and now it’s hanging out in a cheese cave. I’ve got no idea how it will come out, but if the quality of it’s cavemates is somehow absorbed through osmosis, it will be awesome. But like I said, I’ve got no idea right now. Ask me in 6 months. =)

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