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Flashback:: Paulino de Quevedo

In Madrid, Paulino’s new restaurant (c/ Jordán, 7) serves up entirely different food than its counterpart on calle Alonso Cano. This upscale dining experience is definitely something special. His new space has an unfinished, but lived-in feeling, and his glassed-in wine cellar showcases his incredible winelist.

When I visited with my parents, we couldn’t seem to order anything that wasn’t melt-in-your-mouth delicious — it may be impossible in this establishment. Everything was incredibly well-thought-out and beautifully plated.

As for entradas, try the roasted artichoke pastry with caramelized foie gras (*photo 1*). For main dishes, try the lubina (seabass *photo 2*), the tuna (*photo 3*), or the milhojas de buey (a delicious play on the classic pastry “milhojas” or thousand layers — made with many layers of tender beef and topped with parsnip chips *photo 4*). For dessert, the leche frita cannot be passed up. It’s a traditional Spanish dessert infused with citrus and spices.

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