fresh fruit and yogurt cup

I was loosely following Eating Well‘s Fresh Fruit Tart recipe the other day, and I came out with a little extra filling. I filled a ramekin with the extra yogurt mixture, and it hit me. If you are trying to cut calories, why not take out the crust (it’s made with graham crackers and butter)? Don’t get me wrong, Eating Well’s recipes are already designed to promote healthy eating, but sometimes you just don’t want the crust (ok, I admit, I’ve never felt that way, but some people might!). Either way, it’s tasty, and you can top it with (or mix in) any summer fruits that you like. Drizzle the top with a little bit of the marmelade or jam mixture (here I used a mixture of tangerine marmelade and raspberry preserves) and let it set. Yummy!

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