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Death of a Portuguese Chicken =(

I was in Vallecas today, and was looking forward to some tasty Portuguese-style pollo asado (roasted chicken) and was shocked to find that the establishment that sells said chicken (I think it’s called something like Quinto Pollo — avenida de Monte Igueldo, metro stop: Puente de Vallecas) has closed the restaurant portion of its business. Needless to say, some serious decision-making ensued as we were forced to eat in another establishment. There are a few other restaurants in the area that sell pollo asado, but avoid Kikirikí (Ecuadorian-style pollo asado) at all costs. You are better off in the Chinese joint (also on avenida de Monte Igueldo) that has “POLLO ASADO” in big letters on the windows but is clearly a Chinese place. They sell all sorts of Chinese dishes as well as roasted chickens (1/2 or whole). I know its not the same as eating Portuguese chicken, but the fried noodles (tallarines tres delicias) are tasty.

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