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mini-bite :: Maoz

Had lunch @ Maoz Vegetarian (Calle Mayor, 4, and Calle Hortaleza, 7) on Thursday. Delicious falafel sandwich with my choice of toppings (they have lettuce, couscous, carrots, tomatoes & cucumbers, cauliflower, a slaw-type veggie thing, tapenade-type olive thing, onion relish, tzatziki and some other sauces). You can get it with or without hummus (I recommend it!), and with feta, too. The pita is good, but they also have a salad box. You can get tasty chips (fries — see pic!) with your pita or salad, and they also have dishes of cracked olives and pickled skinny peppers (kind of like pepperoncini) scattered around the little eating area. Click here to see a menu, but keep in mind prices are shown only in £.

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