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La Burbuja que Rie

Last night, I met up with a friend from high school and a bunch of us visited La Burbuja que Rie, an Asturian restaurant (metro stop La Latina). Guests are seated at long wooden tables and food is served family-style. The place has a distinct home-y feeling.
They’re famous for their sidra (cider), which they pour into the cups from about a three feet height (to break the cider). Simply put, the food was delicious. We ordered an ensalada mixta — which came loaded with veggies and oil-packed tuna, chistorra con patatas — a sausage similar to chorizo in taste but smaller in size and served with french fries,
and patatas con huevos revueltos — literally meanDSCN5051s potatoes with scrambled eggs, but it’s more like potatoes, green peppers, and Serrano ham, with sunnyside-up eggs. Before serving, the eggs are broken, thus making them “revueltos”.

Everything was delicious. Unbelievable taste, quick service, and it ended up being only about 6 euros per person (we split the food between 5 of us, and there was more than enough to go around).

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