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Cocido madrileño

Yesterday, I visited a friend’s house and enjoyed Cocido madrileño with her and her family. Cocido madrileño is a traditional meal in Madrid, which consists of 3 parts.

1. A soup made with a delicious broth and fideos — noodles.
2. Carne y garbanzos — we had brisket, ham and chorizo for meat, garbanzos, and carrots. (meat choices, of course, vary)
3. Verduras (vegetables) — we had cabbage.

Some people like to eat all three parts mixed together, but we had the soup first, then the carne and verduras together. For a Spanish Wiki, click here and click here for another pic.

As always, there is plenty of bread. And to round out the meal, try a Viña Albali crianza or a gran reserva (both riojas).
Delicious. =)

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