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Bites in Montreal

This weekend, my guy and I went to Montreal to celebrate. For dinner last night we went to Peel Pub (Rue Peel), a sports bar where they stock dozens of beers. They have the standard Poutine (fries with cheese curds and gravy), as well as salads, burgers and hot sandwiches. My boy had the BBQ Bacon Burger, and I had their awesome BLT on crusty bread.

Today, before visiting the Biodôme (check out the pic!), we stopped off at Moe’s Bar & Grill (Rue Sherbrooke E) for breakfast. My boy got the No. 1 — pancakes, eggs, and homefries. I got the standard 2 Egg breakfast with bacon and homefries. Both breakfasts came with toast and jam, and fresh fruit. I was so excited to see the fruit on my plate (slices of orange, cantaloupe, and kiwi)… Hehe. The service was good, the food was quick, and it definitely hit the spot!

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