Bites in Sevilla


Last weekend, we went to Sevilla. I was looking forward to experiencing Andalucían food and culture, but to tell you the truth, we had some pretty bad food experiences (paella that barely resembled paella, for example) and had a hard time finding nightlife that didn’t involve riot police…

However, two places shone through the smog:

At Café de Indias (one of their many locations), my friends enjoyed batidos de chocolate (chocolate milkshakes) and I had a marruccino (espresso, foamed cream, and cocoa) and a slice of delicious chocolate cake layered with cocoa mousse.

At Mario, an Italian restaurant, my friend had the gnocchi with salmon and I had a refreshing insalata caprese. Much better than that fake paella. =)

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Kat Salemno

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